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Fixed Monthly Budget-Friendly Cost

Our fees are fixed monthly rates so you can plan on us being there each and every year. Most companies using Offsite Accounting experience lower external professional fees because of better data accuracy. We work with your finance team and accountant. We are the Treasurers/CFOs best friend. Our fees also include the payroll service as well - you know about outsourced payroll, now outsource it all, it just makes sense.  

Integrated Accounting Department

Offsite Accounting is an integral part of your management system providing you with monthly real time reporting so that you can manage your business and evaluate results. No more wondering about how you did last month or waiting for the accountant telling you how you did. Know the current results using our team of outsourcing specialists. How do we do it? We custom design a system to work well with you and your teams. Systems made to look so easy you will wonder how come we didn't do this earlier.

Better Internal Controls

We practice segregation of duties and offer far superior internal controls to any employee based system. Plus, forget worrying about job interviews for accounting staff, training accounting staff, sick days and all the rest. We're in it for the long run. A full time accounting department for a part time price.

Fresh Coffee Beans

About Us

The functionality of Offsite Accounting came to fruition in 2010 when President, Michael Benn, recognized the need for small business accounting expertise in the marketplace. OAMI functions as an entire accounting department and contracts cost less than the price of hiring one employee, hence the tagline, “Rethink the Internal Bookkeeper”©.

The experienced CPAs and professional staff members at Offsite provide internal controls by utilizing a segregation of duties and offering a consistent review process. OAMI recognizes the inherent exposure companies face with regard to fraud and embezzlement cases when a singular bookkeeper is handling all financial aspects.

Services also include the ability to handle income, sales and payroll tax support. Offsite focuses on their continued commitment to provide access to increased marketability, lower costs and a clear separation of the higher end services from the routine accounting functions.​ Are you ready to streamline your processes?

Get in touch

We'd love to connect with you and discuss your needs. Closer to Rochester, NY? Find our office there at 1534 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 (585-478-0909)

5797 State Route 31, Suite 4, Cicero NY 13039


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